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What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring offers the appearance of solid wood but is easier to install, making it hugely popular particularly for many homeowners. It is usually made up of a hardwood material such as oak, maple or walnut. The construction of engineered wood flooring features a relatively thin layer of hardwood bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer that gives the flooring very good stability.

What’s the best flooring for a bathroom?

It’s worth knowing and understanding which floors should be avoided. The floor types you should never install in the bathroom or other high moisture areas include engineered and solid wood. Better options include some laminates and luxury vinyl tiles.

Is wood flooring good for homes with pets?

If you’re a parent or a pet owner, you are most likely looking for flooring that will stand the test of time against spills, scratches and accidents while keeping your family comfortable and safe.

The best flooring solutions for this include luxury vinyl tile, laminate and rigid click vinyl flooring.

How to clean laminate flooring?

All you need to do to keep your laminate flooring well maintained is the occasional light sweep or vacuum. If you’re looking to clean your floors a damp cloth is a good solution, you don’t want to use a soaking wet mop because the water can soak through and seep into the layers causing warping.

Can I get my flooring delivered?

Essex Flooring Outlet offers free local delivery when you spend £150 or more in-store or online. If you would prefer, you can pick your flooring up at our outlet with our click and collect service.

How do I know I am picking the right flooring?

Picking the right flooring has a huge impact and alters the look and feel of your property. It’s also something that you’ll want to get right the first time. Our team has a wide range of samples at our outlet to help you narrow down your choices, guided with our expert advice.

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